1. Six Lifestyle Changes That Will Put You on the Road to Fitness

    The idea of getting fit may be a daunting one. You might think that you have to buy a new workout wardrobe, purchase a pricey gym membership, and muster to motivation to get yourself there at least every other day. However, if you take baby steps, you’ll reach your fitness goals before you know it…Read More

  2. How To Do A Perfect Push-Up

    Push-ups are one of the simplest exercises, yet they are also one of the most challenging to do correctly and one of the most often mis-executed. This video from Transformation King Ernie Groff demonstrates important techniques to consider as you do push-ups.   Keys to Proper Push-ups 1) Keep …Read More

  3. Taking Care of Your Feet

    Taking care of your feet is critical to a good work out. The force on your feet resonates throughout your joints, impacting your ankles, knees, hips and back. With the right shoes, you can enjoy many terrific workouts. Buy the wrong shoes, though, and you may find your body doesn’t respond well to…Read More