Are you ready to become fitter, stronger, and leaner? We have the program for you. With our top-level traning studio and wide range of programs, we target your goals and push you to your max.


Quicken your reflexes and tone your muscles while learning proper boxing technique and training methods. Boxing has been proven to help melt away fat, build sensory precision, and sculpt the body. We offer group classes for corporate activities and events.

Weight Loss

Our weight loss program was designed to help you revitalize your sense of self and direction. We reduce your BMI by increasing your metabolism and teaching you about nutrition.

Sports-Specific Training

Whether you play recreational softball or competitive football, you’ll emerge from our program with greater stamina, endurance, and ability. We help you work smarter — not harder.

IAMFit Camp

Our new camp classes are fast-paced and hardcore. Push your body to the limit with weights, bodyweight exercises, and partner-based activity.

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